I have directed two radio dramas featuring Emma Powell. The first, Use It Or Lose It, won a Sony Radio Academy Award whilst the second, The Eternal Moment was a finalist in the 2015 Prix Europa awards. In each case I’ve been struck by Emma’s virtuosity, particularly in The Eternal Moment, in which she played all the female roles very convincingly and with feeling. Emma is a great actor who I would love to work with again.

(Iain Chambers, Radio Producer and Sound designer)

Emma is at the top of our list when we need a real quality voice – clear, precise, warm and caring. Super easy to work with too.

(Mat Clark, Sonica Studios)

As the author of the Aeon article “Bad thoughts can’t make you sick – that’s just magical thinking” I wanted to thank you personally for doing such a great job of reading it as an audio! I know it would have been a very difficult article to ‘perform’, in danger of being ‘dry’  but you made it interesting to listen to while also sounding reasonably authoritative (which it needed to be, especially as it’s written by a woman). But you even got my little sarcastic comment just right in tone! Thank you.

(Angela Kennedy, Writer for Aeon Magazine)

Emma was hand picked by one of our authors for her excellent tone, vocal clarity, and great characterizations. Working with her has been a pleasure since day one. She consistently delivers high quality, emotionally compelling narration ahead of schedule, and is willing to go the extra mile to get a great sound that perfectly fits your production’s needs.

(Bryan DePuy, Lead Audio Engineer, Audiobooks.com Publishing)

We had the pleasure of hiring Emma to voice a series of videos featuring a luxury bedding line. She provided an immensely professional and seductive feel to our videos that will help to set apart these beds from their competition in spectacular fashion. Emma understands production deadlines and was flexible in providing our company with plenty of beautiful reads to fit our project requirements. She is an unmatched talent when it comes to delivering a smooth and exquisite linguistic expression and we’re very much looking forward to working with Emma in the future.

(Nathan Ward, Zeus Visuals)

Testimonials mean a lot to us and are not thrown away cheaply! But Emma was great and is highly recommended. Listening and learning at length about our business and products was just a part of the genuinely refreshing approach which Emma has. A speedy delivery, complete with our amendments was just what we needed. Many thanks Emma!

(Julian McGinnity, Pearchild)

Emma Powell’s voice has a steady, warm, honest and come-hither magnetism that melts skepticism. She combines formal authoritativeness with earthy humanity in a way that has conveyed the messages in my films with a magic I cherish.

(John Dunton-Downer, Horsepower)

Emma is a skilled and proficient voice artist. Her narration is always fluent and engaging and she has a good sense of pacing and rhythm which helps draw the listener in to her storytelling. She is also a delight to work with as she takes direction well and brings a thoughtful, professional attitude to every job.

(Rupert Morgan, RNIB Talking Book Studios)

Hi Emma, I am reading The Little Flower Shop by the Sea which you narrated for the RNIB. I just wanted to say how your voice really makes reading it worthwhile. You really bring it to life. I am totally blind and audio books are so important to me. I’ll often stop listening to a book if the narrator isn’t good. But, I am going to find all the books you’ve narrated for RNIB and choose what to listen to next. Thank you for the hard work you put into bringing books alive.