The Eternal Moment (Radio Drama)

Listen here to the mind-bending Radio Play by Iain Chambers and Peter Blegvad. It was such a pleasure to perform alongside the wonderful John Ramm.

The transformative power of storytelling is explored through my character Zoe, a psychiatric patient who believes she is the Queen of Time. Zoe is confident that her map-like drawings can evoke the ‘eternal moment,’ in which she’ll be set free of time itself. She also believes Cody, her art therapist, is the other half of her divided self – the King of Time.

I love my life!

What a great week! First doing a great and surreal radio play written by Peter Blegvad and directed by Iain Chambers and with the superb John Ramm. Next, venting any buried aggression by playing a woman raised by ogres in the video game ‘Heretic Kingdoms’ and then yesterday filming a heartfelt story of realisation and enlightenment. And tonight I’m teaching. I feel very well rounded!

BBC Radio Drama “Austerlitz”


On Sunday December 16, 2012, BBC Radio 3 broadcast a radio dramatisation  of W.G. Sebald’s novel Austerlitz.

It was lovely to work with the great John Taylor from Fiction Factory again.

The first  of  Sebald’s haunting masterpieces to be dramatised for radio, it follows its protagonist on a haunting tour of European cities, frontiers to inner worlds as he struggles to discover the mystery of his origins.


Austerlitz ….. James Fleet
Narrator ….. Stephen Greif
Elias ….. David Sibley
Margaret ….. Poppy Miller
Evan ….. Michael Elwyn
Agata ….. Morven Christie
Maximilian ….. Timothy Watson
Marie ….. Amanda Drew
Vera ….. Deborah Findlay
Young Vera ….. Emma Powell
Young Austerlitz ….. Dyfan Dwyvor
Child Austerlitz ….. Kalum Guest

Directed by John Taylor

Graceling Trilogy by Kristin Cashore

I recently completed reading these three fantasy novels for Orion publishing. A superb, critically acclaimed and already best-selling debut from a stunning new author.

Listen to an extract from ‘Graceling’

It was such a pleasure working in the Strathmore recording studio, particularly the lunchtime we spent trying to work out the accents characters from a fantasy world should have when heard by characters from a different part of the same world. It got very complicated!

Sony Radio Award

I’m pleased to say that ‘Use It Or Lose It’ won a Silver in the Drama category of the Sony Radio Award.
Here’s what the judges said, “In awarding the Silver to this production, the drama panel was very impressed by the narrative structure and the way the sound employed played as much a part as the dialogue in telling this moving story of the loss of intellectual and sensory faculties. We thought it was a beautifully conceived idea, wonderfully executed.”

Use it or Lose it (Radio Drama)

I enjoyed playing  the parts of nurse Angela and Kitty in this Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 3, directed by Iain Chambers.

With Dame Harriet Walter and David Horovitch starring, it combined narrated fiction with observations from the world of history and culture.

A radiophonic exploration of one man’s failing mind by the American musician and cartoonist Peter Blegvad.

In The Gloaming podcast

Emma has been performing in In The Gloaming, an anthology series of comedy-horror podcasts in the vein of Tales of The Unexpected and Hammer House of Horror released almost-monthly. Written and directed by Nathaniel Tapley and produced by Raoul Brand.

Listen to an episode



“I thought that was really pretty horribly funny… Tasteful the tale isn’t, but enjoyable for sure.” – Ramsey Campbell, Britain’s greatest living horror writer (‘Britain’s most respected living horror writer’, according the Oxford Companion to English Literature)

“These podcasts really are of high quality. The scripts are witty, the voice-acting accomplished, and the production quite professional…The comedy is of the best British kind; politically incorrect, biting satire where no subject matter is taboo. The third episode almost had me choking on my coffee when one of the characters started talking the specifics of lesbian love-making!” – Doc Horror

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