Beautifully shot and a decent script..thank you

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Star dark side!

I had the incredible pleasure of voicing the evil Archivist for this twist on the usual Star Wars game. Best job evs!

This is the trailer as it’s not released yet but when it is I’ll put out a clip with my malevolence loud and clear..

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The Best of a Celebration of Harry Potter 2018!

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Words and Music

Words & Music

I’m so proud to be on the next episode of this wonderful programme on BBC Radio 3 this sunday!

Let’s write a list. From the week’s shopping to the Ten Commandments, from the pop charts to the phone directory, life is full of lists. This exploration of our obsession with list-making includes Mozart’s Don Giovanni’s conquests, Maria’s Favourite Things from the Sound of Music, Polonius’s advice to Laertes, Bridget Jones’s New Year Resolutions and Herman Melville’s catalogue of whales. Readings by Jon Strickland and Emma Powell.

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If you’re a chocolate lover like me then this series of recipes will make you crave some! After voicing these I definitely had to finish off those after-eights I’d been hiding!

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Curio..writing worth listening to

For most of this year I’ve been reading fascinating and well-written articles for a new app called Curio. In addition to the  app, it is also live on Aeon!
Here’s one of my essays:
And here’s the partner page.
In the last 2 days of being live, Curio’s articles have been listened to 20,000 times!
And finally.. this was some lovely feedback I received:
What a sublime article read with such restrained passion giving the piece a whole new and near spiritual character! This is a remarkable example of a narrator mattering as much as and complementing the writer’s beautiful prose.
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