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Emma has been performing in In The Gloaming, an anthology series of comedy-horror podcasts in the vein of Tales of The Unexpected and Hammer House of Horror released almost-monthly. Written and directed by Nathaniel Tapley and produced by Raoul Brand.

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“I thought that was really pretty horribly funny… Tasteful the tale isn’t, but enjoyable for sure.” – Ramsey Campbell, Britain’s greatest living horror writer (‘Britain’s most respected living horror writer’, according the Oxford Companion to English Literature)

“These podcasts really are of high quality. The scripts are witty, the voice-acting accomplished, and the production quite professional…The comedy is of the best British kind; politically incorrect, biting satire where no subject matter is taboo. The third episode almost had me choking on my coffee when one of the characters started talking the specifics of lesbian love-making!” – Doc Horror

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